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Finding Product-Market Fit: The Key to Startup Success.

Finding product-market fit is the key to startup success, but it's not always an easy journey. By starting with a deep understanding of your target market, building an MVP, iterating based on customer feedback, focusing on a single key metric, and being open to pivoting when necessary, startups can increase their chances of finding the elusive product-market fit and building a successful business. While the path may be challenging, the rewards of achieving product-market fit are well worth the effort.

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How to Stop Solving Problems That Don't Exist.

One of the biggest traps startups can fall into is building solutions for problems that don't really exist. In the rush to innovate, founders often convince themselves that their imagined problems and solutions are exactly what the market needs. But building products no one truly needs is a sure path to failure. This post shares seven strategies to make sure you are solving real, meaningful problems customers will pay for, not chasing imaginary ones. Learn how to validate problem existence, focus on jobs to be done vs. tech, study existing customer behaviors, apply Occam's razor, sell before you build, beware of problem icebergs, and zero in on problems you yourself have experienced. Master these approaches to ensure your startup is always solving problems that truly matter.

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How we demystified surgery and revealed the true quality of care for CMC.

CompareMyCare aimed to develop a platform that would enable users to compare various healthcare services easily. Their goal was to create an intuitive, user-friendly digital tool that could provide reliable and comprehensive healthcare comparisons to help users make informed decisions.

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Fiddlie and BrightSign: Revolutionizing Communication Accessibility.

BrightSign, the company from which the idea for Fiddlie emerged, envisioned a revolutionary glove capable of translating sign language into text and speech, aiming to enhance communication accessibility and inclusivity.

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we designed live performance tech in under 3 weeks.

we developed a custom data glove and interactivity system for live performance for the Ecole de Design and launched it in just over 2 weeks

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software development secrets: tips from fiddlie experts.

Unlock the secrets of successful software development with expert tips that blend innovation, practicality, and technical excellence.