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harnessing the power of artificial intelligence

Fiddlie is dedicated to enabling startups to integrate cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning systems into their products, whether they are software-only solutions or integrated hardware-software combinations. Our expertise lies in crafting AI systems that can form either a core component or an enhancing feature of your startup's product offerings.

crafting comprehensive solutions

ML system development for software

tailored AI integration

We specialise in integrating AI and Machine Learning functionalities into software products, ensuring that these features align perfectly with the product's core value proposition and user experience.

enhanced capabilities

Our AI integration can significantly enhance your product's capabilities, whether it's through smart algorithms that improve user interaction, predictive analytics for better decision-making, or automated processes that streamline operations.

scalable & modular solutions

Recognising the dynamic nature of startups, we design AI systems that are both scalable and modular. This approach allows startups to expand or modify their AI capabilities as their product and market needs evolve.

enhancing functionality & performance

seamless integrations

For startups focusing on hardware products, we offer Machine Learning solutions that seamlessly integrate with hardware components, enhancing the product's functionality and user experience.

real-time AI at the edge

We develop Edge AI solutions that enable real-time data processing directly on the hardware device, essential for products requiring immediate responses, such as IoT devices, wearable tech, or autonomous systems.

bespoke model development

Our team creates bespoke Machine Learning algorithms tailored to the specific functions and requirements of your hardware product, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

the fiddlie advantage: empowering you with AI

Startup-Focused Approach:

Our services are tailored to meet the unique challenges and aspirations of startups. We understand the importance of speed, agility, and innovation in the startup ecosystem and align our AI development services accordingly.

Collaborative and Agile Development:

We adopt a collaborative and agile development process, engaging closely with startup teams. This approach allows for rapid prototyping, feedback incorporation, and adaptation to changing requirements or market feedback.

Budget-Conscious Solutions:

Recognising the budget sensitivities of startups, we offer cost-effective AI development solutions. Our goal is to provide startups with access to high-quality AI capabilities without excessive financial strain.

ready to empower yourself with AI + Machine Learning?

If you're a startup looking to embed AI into your product, Fiddlie is here to turn that vision into reality. We provide the expertise, tools, and support necessary to create AI systems that can truly differentiate your product in the market.

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